Skvortsova has told, when will the recession in the fashion industry in Russia

in her words, we still have about 10-14 days to reach a plateau, that is the level when the infection is stable, without spikes.

Photo: RIA Novosti Putin urged not to repeat the mistakes of others in the fight against coronavirus

“then we’ll make some time and go in the opposite direction”, – said Skvortsova. According to her, for a slide will need the same time as a growing pandemic.

“On the plateau we will until the first decade of June to the middle of June, presumably. In that case, if we do not change the scenario development process,” she added.

Skvortsova believes that the situation with coronavirus in Russia is developing one of the most favorable scenarios. And all because the country has taken proactive measures, including the isolation of citizens. The sharp rise of cases yet. The increase in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia is 18-20%, which allows to cope with treatment.