(Los Angeles) Lawyers for the man who is suing Gwyneth Paltrow for a skiing accident demanded Thursday that the American actress pay nearly $ 3.3 million in damages to their client.

Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old retired optometrist, says the collision at an upscale Rocky Mountain resort in 2016 broke four ribs and caused lasting psychological damage.

During their closing argument in a Utah court, Mr. Sanderson’s attorneys argued that their client should be compensated for the irreversible brain damage he suffered that is affecting his quality of life.

“These are the most precious years (of a life), when you can enjoy your retirement,” Lawrence Buhler said, referring to his client’s “golden age”.

According to the lawyer, the jury should consider awarding his client $33 for each hour of the day from the accident until the death of Terry Sanderson, which he estimated could take place in 10 years.

The math works out to be “$3,276,000 for the 17 years Terry has to deal with this irreversible brain damage.”

The optometrist had launched his lawsuits against the actress, oscar winner of Shakespeare in Love in 2019.

Gwyneth Paltrow in exchange launched other lawsuits, claiming a symbolic dollar and reimbursement of her legal costs.

At the heart of the case, the question of which skier hit the other.

According to the plaintiff, Gwyneth Paltrow drove into him while skiing in a “dangerous” manner, before fleeing, leaving him unconscious.

The actress claims on the contrary that it was Terry Sanderson who hit her in the back. Her attorney says she “wasn’t going fast” and got scared when Mr. Sanderson appeared behind her.

“He hit her. He hurt her,” the actress’ attorney, Stephen Owens, said Thursday.

“And he asked her for $3 million afterwards, just for fun. It’s not fair,” he added.

The trial, which lasted more than a week, saw specific details about Mr. Sanderson’s health, including pre-existing medical conditions.

Some members of his family also testified to describe a man with a difficult character, already before the accident.

Early in the case, Stephen Owens claimed the optometrist was “obsessed” with the complaint and that the case was based on “false allegations”.