Skater Alina Sagitova in Kazan made a video of isolation

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Alina Sagitova: “Let us take care of your health and your loved ones” ⠀ ⠀ Alina and Sabine Sagitova recorded a video for the First channel ⠀

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world figure skating Champion Alina Sagitova published in Instagram “anticreation” video. Now the athlete is in Kazan in isolation with his family.

Photo: / avtrusova How the athletes keep in shape at home

In the video, Alina Sagitova with her younger sister Sabina urges Russians in this difficult time to stay home, wash hands, use antiseptics, wearing masks and exercise.

the skater, judging by the photos, which she regularly puts in social networks leads to isolation of an active lifestyle and exercises and even stands on his hands.

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Recall that Alina herself Sagitova was born in Izhevsk and lived there until recently. Her father Ilnaz Zagitov (a native of Kazan), coached hockey team “Izhstal”. But in 2019 he was invited to become the head coach of HC “IRBIS” – the youth team of Kazan “AK Bars”, and a man with a family back home.

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