On Tuesday the hockey club SKA (St. Petersburg) officially announced the departure of five players. Forward Alexander Barabanov has already signed a contract in the National hockey League (NHL) with “Toronto maple leafs”, and defender Artem Tooth needs in the near future to conclude an agreement with the “Ottawa Senators”. With forwards Jori of Lehtera, Jarno Cocciante and defender Andrei Zubarev, the army has decided not to renew the contracts. And it certainly will only be the beginning of perestroika in the ranks of one of the most powerful teams of the Continental hockey League (KHL), which needs to fit into the new salary cap and significantly reduce your budget.The richest KHL club with which finances can be compared only CSKA, embarked on cost optimization or in other words, the purge in order to fit your salary budget, which in the past season of about 1.75 billion rubles under the new ceiling of up to 900 million rubles SKA left from a fiver, and very important for his players — three of the Olympic champion Alexander Barabanov Artem Tooth and Andrey Zubarev and two Finnish footballer Jarno of Cocciante and Iori of Lehtera. Although care Barabanova, the army could not tell, as the striker team Russia in early April signed a contract with “Toronto maple leafs”. Behind him in the NHL will go and the Tooth that now has been confirmed. Perhaps the best defender of the SKA is going to pursue a career in “Ottawa”. In turn, Zubarev, Lehtera and Cocciante steel, it is possible to tell, the first victims of the reduction of the salary Fund.The team from St. Petersburg had to be cut, that is, on living, and under the “knife” hit even the old-timers Woking with Cockerney who played for the team in 2015. And if the Russians lately had a strong place in the first team, the Finn has always been considered one of the most useful and reliable forwards in the defensive plan. His compatriot Lehtera played only of the current shortened season, but was in a SKA one of the best statistically, gaining 30 points on the system “goal plus pass” in the regular season. Another thing that St. Petersburg has exceeded the limit, and after a sharp decline in wage ceiling to contain any aliens would be too expensive. So parting with Cockerney and Lehtera, which, moreover, are in the age of “30 plus” is understandable.On contracts in SKA right now the Swedes Magnus of Hellberg and Lukas Bengtsson. In addition, apparently, the club will remain the Finns Miro Aaltonen and Joonas Kemppainen. However, it was reported that the latter wants to return to “Salavat Yulaev”, and it is possible that in order to save budget, the army will release the striker with one of the highest salaries, according to unofficial data, about 70 million rubles in g��especially that first season in the SKA Kemppainen turned out lumpy — only 13 points in 56 matches of the regular season. Except that the play-off he began promising — three scoring points in four games. By the way, some sources claim that Lehtera will go to Spartak and there may be Zubarev, which is well known for working for the SKA and Russian national team head coach red-white Oleg Znarok.Meanwhile, it is obvious that the army from the banks of the Neva river waiting for a deeper personnel changes. For the first five departing, followed by another whole group of players. There is little doubt that SKA will leave striker Dmitry Kagarlitsky and not found themselves in the team. The probability that the St. Petersburg club will part with the forward by Ilya Kablukov and nail Yakupov, whose contracts are also very burdensome, and the prospects are too vague. Most likely, they’ll trade to the other team. One of the candidates for the exchange to call another striker — Alexander Dergacheva. Probably, change the situation, the defender Artem Deputy, and forward Anton Burdasov and goalkeeper Alexey Melnichuk said that thinking about leaving the NHL.However, the SKA will be open not only on output but also on input. According to various sources, CSKA are interested in purchasing the forward of “Severstal” by Bogdan Yakimov. In addition, their numbers can replenish the forward of “AK Bars” Emil Galimov, and his colleague role spartakovets Alexander hohlachev become involved in transactions involving the above-mentioned Dergacheva.Alexander Ilyin