The Simpsons has long been hailed as a predictor of future events, and news that Donald Trump tested positive for Covid-19 sparked the latest round of speculation, as many shared images of a deceased cartoon president.

The image began circulating on social media on Friday morning, immediately after Trump revealed he had contracted the novel coronavirus. The cartoonishly stylized yellow-skinned version of the president is seen lying in a coffin, presumably dead.

The Simpsons hasn’t been wrong yet.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users had plenty of fun with the notion that the beloved comedy cartoon could predict political events of such magnitude. While some called the coffin image a “prophecy,” others quipped that if Trump did end up succumbing to the virus, “we must launch an investigation on the show.”

Fortunately for Trump, however, his death or funeral have not actually appeared on the show throughout its 31-season run – and the image, which was widely shared online, was just manufactured to look like a shot from the iconic cartoon.

the Simpson’s prophesied so we wait

Simpsons predict Trump dying. If he dies we much launch an investigation on the show….

the Simpsons never miss man

The fake originally appeared back in August and was for some reason interlinked with a viral conspiracy-spoof on TikTok, which promised that something important was about to happen on August 27. The image spread in conjunction with that theory, with many believing that the Simpsons had shown Trump dying on that date in one of its episodes.

While the Simpsons’ Trump death prediction is not real, the show has seemingly predicted the future on a few occasions. In one example, the episode ‘Marge in Chains’ began with the outbreak of an epidemic and ended with riots and vandalism, which bears a remarkable resemblance to the year 2020.

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