Simon Kjær hope that Milan will købsoptionen at Seville, so that he can continue permanently in Milan.

The Italian Serie A is like virtually all other leagues suspended due to coronapandemien, and therefore is obviously not playing to landsholdsanfører Simon Kjær, who is leased to AC Milan.

He would now have liked to be able to show and convince the Milan club, he shall be bought free in the Spanish of Seville and have a permanent contract in Milan.

– My dream is to be in Milan, and when the time comes, we must speak with the club about it. I will put maximum pressure on the club to convince them to meet købsoptionen, says Simon Kjær to the Corriere dello Sport, according to Football Italia.

Serie A has been on hold since 9. march, but despite the unexpected break assures He that he is not on the let side.

– I’m still working on being in Milan, even if we do not play. I’m trying to improve myself not just physically, but also mentally, ” says Kjær.

He was picked up on loan for the rest of the season in the winter transfervindue and have only managed to play in four Serie A games and seven showdown in all of Milan.

In the first half of the season he was rented out to Atalanta, where he ended up having a long road to playing time.

Milan is currently number seven in the league, and it is unknown as to when there is time in the league, and if it is at all possible to play the season finished in Italy, which is among the countries worst hit by the coronavirus.