An experiment to study dark matter (TM) XENON1T is designed to find signs of the existence of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP) on the normal space. To fill large tanks of liquid xenon. If some particle gets there from the outside, the atoms of a substance excited, and will create a lighting flash and free electrons. The phenomenon needs to fix the detector.

However, according to the authors of the project, is capable of not only TM. Similar events can occur after interaction with known substances, writes the New Atlas.

Finally it happened — the researchers expected to obtain in the background of the 232 events, but found that there are 53 more. This is a huge number, which indicates that certainly something strange happened, the article stated.

The researchers offer three options. First the most boring — the unknown source of interference due to the collapse criteria Signal can be the result of tritium decay in the tank. Unfortunately, sufficiently sensitive instrument for detecting such a low-level isotope of hydrogen does not exist. Reject the version of.

The second option — a theoretical particle, the axion. Exactly what has emerged in the center of the Sun. It is suggested to solve the problem of CP invariance. Physicists believe that axions could save the Universe from total destruction.

The third scenario is unknown before properties of neutrinos — ultralight elementary particles. They are everywhere and rarely interact with other substances, but sometimes it happens.

Earlier reported that the Swiss Federal laboratories of materials science and the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne gathered the smallest engine in the world. It consists of 16 atoms. Its size is less than one nanometer.

However, the device operates as a conventional motor — converts energy into directed movement. It has the usual rotor and stator.