But the Belarusian championship was the only one in Europe, which on the background of the pandemic games were played. The whole world was watching BATE Borisov, Brest and Minsk “Dynamo”, “Ruh”. Authoritative Spanish Marca recently published a lot of material with the recommendation to watch the Belarusian championship. The matches of the championship Belarus broadcast on Russian Federal channel “Match TV”. His feelings about Belarusian football with the “Union” shared a well-known Russian commentator Konstantin Genic.

What will the Belarusians broadcast championship “Match TV”?

Konstantin Genic: everyone’s attention, the opportunity to Express themselves some players. And for Belarusian fans this is also a good move. This is a live matches, live football, emotions. Pluses of the championship of Belarus much more, than minuses. For example, I didn’t expect it to last until the eighth round. Thought after the first click on “stop”. After the fourth round I realized that the Belarusians desperate guys. Can just applaud. They are honest and do their job professionally – well done.

What is the level of the championship of Belarus?

Konstantin Genic: My opinion is swimming. It is clear that when you go to comment on the first matches after a pause, you like everything. Yes, and so colorful – dancing mascots. Then had the feeling that the players began to wind. Still they were broadcast on Russian TV, and a very large audience. And they tried to do everything better, but it was not as usual, and somewhere worse. It’s all from a desire to prove yourself, to show. After the fifth-the sixth round of the players calmed down a bit, began to act colder. Can accurately confirm: in the Belarusian championship is interesting, exciting matches.

Belarusian players will now be more in Russia?

Konstantin Genic: a Big plus that the Belarusians have now not considered as legionaries. As they say, someone can get on the stick. I think our clubs are monitoring the situation in Belarus. And they may consider some players.

are You personally going to continue to follow the matches of the Belarusian championship?

Konstantin Genic: We are responsible for those who tamed (smiles). The rights to show matches of the championship of Belarus in “Match TV” remain. Moreover, a European top League will come back slowly, without haste. Let’s see how to handle this situation, for example, Germany, which first came out of quarantine. And so to follow the championship of Belarus in some form will definitely be there.