She haliullina could have been exposed to coronavirus at the airport

Russian biathlete Anastasia haliullina suggested that were infected by the coronavirus during the long wait for a flight at the airport of Moscow. The athlete, who returned from competitions in Europe, was taken on Covid-19.

March 27, haliullina with his mother Catherine was taken to the hospital of Saratov with suspected coronavirus. The first test showed a “questionable” result, but the second was positive.

“As we all know, we were at a tournament in Austria, when all this was just beginning. I flew home via Moscow, I had a long time to be at the airport. I think that’s where I got the virus,” wrote haliullina on his page on Instagram.

Anastasia described his symptoms: in the evenings the temperature began to rise to 37-37,1 degree, was weak and had a headache later came the runny nose. Also for a couple of days she has almost completely lost the sense of smell and taste.

She reported about the health to the clinic, “but the doctors came and ran like the plague”. Meanwhile, the head of all the forces trying to “send her to the hospital, that the responsibility was not on them.”

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According to the athlete, subsequently, her health has improved and her temperature, but she was sent to the hospital without waiting for test results.

“my phone calls I hamovato answered my questions about the results, it is possible to tell, send, questions, on what basis do we put here, got vague answers. The first analysis was “doubtful”, no explanations. The second, which took in the hospital was positive. Without symptoms I was isolated for 2 weeks, even though many who are sick in the form of light, left at home, ” wrote haliullina.

Anastasia also said that “the treatment has long ceased” and have to let her go home after it got negative test for the coronavirus.