Shcherbakov ahead Sagitova in ranking ISU

the ISU has published a rating of the strongest representatives of figure skating, as the current season is already complete because of the pandemic coronavirus. In women singles the strongest representative of Russia became the champion of Russia Anna Shcherbakova, who became second in the Grand Prix final and won silver at the European championship in Graz.

On account of the Russians 2841 score, ahead of her Japanese Rika Kihira, which became the second season in a row. On account of representatives of Japan 4171 score, the second position at the sportswoman from United States Brady Tunnell – 3133 points. Fourth in the ranking was Alexander Trusov – 2774, in the sixth position European champion and the winner of the Grand Prix finals Alyona Kostina – 2760. Coming in second place Olympic champion Alina Sagitova located on the eighth line – 2666.

In the men’s singles the three entered at once two representatives of Russia – Alexander Samarin and Dimitri Kaliev. Despite the victory at the European championship Aliev was the third typing 2957 points, Samarin became the second – 3046. The strongest was two-time Olympic champion Japanese Yuzuru the Han – 3786.

The dancing couples, the ranking is led by Champions of Europe, the Russians Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov – 3734, second are the Italians Charlene Ginger and Marco Fabbri – 3462, just slightly ahead of a couple of USA Madison Hubbel and Zachary Donohue – 3458.

Rating pairs topped Chinese Peng Cheng and Yang Jin – 3488, the second position of the Russians Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov – 3410. In the third position of the Canadians Kirsten Moore-towers and Michael Marinaro – 3203, ahead of the European Champions Boykovo Alexander and Dmitry Kozlovsky – 3109.