After the citizen’s income was decided in a light variant, Lars Klingbeil is already planning the next social issue. In an interview with “Bild am Sonntag”, the SPD leader called the high level of child poverty a “disgrace for our country” and promised improvement.

The SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil has announced a debate on tax justice and the financing of the fight against the crisis for 2023. “As the SPD, we will be very clear about the discussions about fair distribution in the coming year,” Klingbeil told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

For Klingbeil, one thing is certain: “The distribution issues will be much clearer again. We are in the process of overcoming the crisis. But when we put the bottom line, it comes down to the questions: How much did it all cost? How is that paid for in the long term?” The party chairman is aiming for a heavier burden on the wealthy: “The SPD basically wants those who have a lot to do more to finance the common good. That’s what we promote.”

Klingbeil criticized the high level of child poverty as a “disgrace to our country”. “The proportion of children in poverty must drop significantly by the end of the legislative period,” said the SPD leader. He emphasized that the basic child security, which will bundle and improve all services for children, has been firmly agreed in the coalition and will come.

With the largest increase in child benefit since the mid-1990s, the government has now made a start in combating child poverty. “As a wealthy country, we must not allow millions of children to live in poverty,” said Klingbeil.