Director Robin Sykes, who is making his second feature film, wants to show that at 65, you are still dynamic, that you can have fun and even become a star model. However, he does so without convincing in this comedy which lacks rhythm and punch.

Thierry Lhermitte and Patrick Timsit form a mismatched duo in this comedy full of awkwardness. The theme explored could have been much more in-depth, because this film has the merit of being interested in our relationship with old age. These two men in their sixties say they are too young to retire, do not accept growing old, but at the same time, they see the passage of time… and realize that they are not eternal.

“Sexygenarians are very trendy,” says the modeling agent to Michel (Thierry Lhermitte) who discovers that with his physique, at his age, he still seduces and can do perfume advertisements for baby boomers, a very lucrative market. Here too, we would have liked more audacity in the treatment of this theme, even if, during a photo shoot in the desert, the director makes fun of the completely eccentric photographer, in a down jacket, in full sun, at 50 degrees .

Patrick Timsit plays the penniless service ball, who schems and becomes encrusted in his daughter’s house, while Thierry Lhermitte, plays the handsome “sexygenarian”, who realizes that there is life after having worked for more than 40 years old and he can enjoy it. Besides, we always have as much pleasure in meeting the excellent Thierry Lhermitte.