(London) British actor Russell Brand is accused of rape, sexual assault and psychological violence by several women between 2006 and 2013, in an investigation by three media outlets published on Saturday.

Four women accuse the actor of sexual assault when Russell Brand was at the height of his career, both as a presenter on BBC Radio 2, Channel 4 and as a Hollywood film actor.

These accusations, refuted by Russell Brand, were revealed during an investigation by The Sunday Times and the Times newspapers, as well as Channel 4.

According to the investigation, published in the Sunday Times, other alleged victims accused Mr Brand of controlling, abusive and predatory behavior.

Before the publication of this article, and the documentary broadcast on Saturday evening on Channel 4, Russell Brand, aged 48, had published a message on his X account to “refute” the “very serious criminal accusations” against him. against.

“I received two extremely disturbing messages […], one from a mainstream television channel and the other from a newspaper, listing a litany of attacks […] which I absolutely refute,” a- he asserted.

“The relationships I have had have always been completely consensual,” he adds, denouncing a “coordinated attack” by the media against him.

In the investigation, one woman accuses Mr. Brand of raping her in his Los Angeles home, while another claims she was sexually assaulted during a three-month relationship when she was still a high school student and aged 16.

During his career as a comedian, on television and in the cinema, in the United Kingdom then in the United States, Russell Brand was noted for his repeated escapades, his former addiction to alcohol and heroin, his brief marriage to pop singer Katy Perry and his tendency to brag about his many female conquests.

In the mid-2010s, he posed as an anti-capitalist activist, advocating “total revolution” and has recently increased the number of conspiratorial, anti-vaccine and anti-major media comments on his YouTube channel, followed by more than 6 million viewers. subscribers, or on his X account to more than 11 million subscribers.

In it, he urges his audience to remain “awake” and “free” from the information disseminated in traditional media.

In 2014, in his book Revolution, he advocated “a radical redistribution of wealth”, “the dismantling of multinationals” and the injection of a healthy dose of “spiritualism” into society.

During movement

Married since 2017 to Laura Gallagher, with whom he had two children, Russell Brand is currently touring the United Kingdom with his show Russel Brand Bipolarization.