Among other things, the practitioners have the opportunity to refer patients directly to test for the coronavirus.

the national board of Health opens for that even more can be tested for the coronavirus.

It says Søren Brostrøm, director of the national board of Health, at a press conference Wednesday.

the Agency has issued new guidelines for who should be tested for Covid-19, which is the disease caused by the coronavirus.

– There, we open further to examine patients with less severe symptoms, he says.

Among other things, the practitioners of the new guidelines by telephone be able to refer citizens with mild symptoms directly to a test for the coronavirus. Today ill citizens through an assessment at the hospital.

Prøvesvaret will subsequently come to the practitioner.

With the guidelines, it has also been easier to refer employees in the health and care sector with mild symptoms to the test.

It can thus quickly be clarified whether they represent a risk of infection, or whether they can get back to work.

in Addition, persons living with family members at risk, could also be tested by mild symptoms. Risk is considered here as persons with chronic illness or those over 80 years.

the Regions will also have the opportunity to run out to test the citizens, who live close together with other people. For example, it may be in nursing homes, municipal, residential facilities, prisons and shelters.

the Healthcare system has since Friday been able to test the 5000 danes on the day. The capacity will, however, not fully exploited.

There has been a lack of test equipment, and it has set some limitations for the number of tests. On Monday, for example, tested the 3200 persons, informs the Danish Regions.

– working hard to get up to capacity in relation to the test, says Søren Brostrøm.

The Danish testing has been controversial.

11. march, the same day as prime minister, Mette Frederiksen (S) closed country is partially down to contain the infection with the corona virus, switched the authorities strategy.

instead of trying to contain the disease, authorities would instead try to mitigate it.

It also meant that only citizens with moderate or severe symptoms should be tested while all others, who felt sick and could be infected with corona virus, just had to stay home.

After the clear calls from the world health organisation, WHO, to test as many as possible have the message from both the government and the Danish Health and medicines authority that must be screwed up for the number of coronatest.

Søren Brostrøm has acknowledged that there have been errors committed in relation to follow the WHO’s recommendations.

the national board of Health to revise its guidelines about once a week, as health authorities get more and more knowledge about the coronavirus.