the Danes ‘ love for Sepp Piontek and the popular 80’s-the national team is apparently stainless steel.

Analyseorganisationen YouGov has in a national survey asked the danes about who is the greatest Danish fodboldlandstræner.

And here is pointing to a significant majority in the German Sepp Piontek, who was the Danish national coach from 1980 to 1990 and was the man who really got the Danish amateurs to take the step up in verdenstoppen.

B. T. caught the attention of Sepp, who a few weeks ago topping 80 years, and presented him with the news:

“Well, what shall I say – I’m very proud,” says the immediately.

“I am German, and my landstrænertid is eventually 20 years back … no, it is more. 30 years! So I’m touched that you still think of me.”

“It makes me very proud – I must say. I have great respect for the danes.”

In the YouGov survey identifies 35 percent of the respondents on Sepp Piontek, while 23 percent believe that history’s best Danish coach Richard Møller Nielsen, the man behind the fairytale european championship triumph in 1992.

Morten Olsen takes care of the third place with 14 percent.

Nine percent of the respondents believe that the credit accrues to Åge Hareide, who the pga. coronakrisen has had to stop as the Danish national coach ahead of time. He stops with an impressive streak of unbeaten Danish internationals.

Kurt Nielsen, who was the national coach before Sepp Piontek, and the Swedish Bo Johansson received by each one percent of the votes.

It is especially the 60-to 74-year-old, pointing to Sepp Piontek. 61 percent of this age group sees the 80-year-old German as the greatest coach.

How can it be that Sepp Piontek still takes up as much space in the Danish fodboldbevidsthed?

“A big part of it will be found that they had not had the great success, before I came to. They had not qualified for some championships.”

“And so we managed me and the team to get to the european championships in 1984, where we almost came in the final. And subsequently, we came to the WORLD cup, where we also did well to start with.”

“So we played also in a way that excited people. And it is, of course, with that many remember the time,” explains Sepp Piontek.

Kasper Hjulmand will be the next Danish national coach, and he must stand in the forefront of the national team, european championship finals, which are due to the aggressive coronavirus has been deferred to 2021.

It is known, however, not yet, when Hjulmand officially join as a Danish landsholdsboss.