Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann and his wife Verena are apparently going their separate ways after 15 years together. Their relationship began as a childhood love, and she was an important support in his career, as he emphasized.

Their love began when they were still at school. According to media reports, the FC Bayern Munich coach, Julian Nagelsmann, and his wife Verena have now split up. The couple, who have a seven-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, are said to have drifted apart according to “Bild” information. When asked by, FCB did not want to comment on this because it was a private matter.

According to the report, Nagelsmann no longer lives in the family home in Chiemgau and wants to move to Munich. The couple has been married since 2018. They got to know each other in their hometown of Landsberg am Lech and that already in their youth.

In May 2018, Nagelsmann said in the football podcast “Phrasen Mäher” – at the time as coach of TSG Hoffenheim – about the beginnings of their relationship: “It was really funny. I met her at school. She always sprinted past me during the break . She’s not that big, but she made huge strides and that’s when I noticed that she always wanted to be the first to sell during the break.”

He joked: “Even though she’s in very, very good shape, she seemed like she was addicted to schnitzel rolls – thank God that wasn’t and thank God isn’t the case.” But Verena had left a lasting impression on him. Because he was still “very shy” at the time, he asked a classmate to give her his number. “And that’s how the whole thing took its course,” he recalled.

When asked what was more demanding – to be married or to be a coach in the Bundesliga, Nagelsmann said at the time: “I think the coaching job in the Bundesliga is usually very limited, marriage, if things are going well, usually not. “

He went on to explain the challenges as a married couple: “I think a marriage is demanding, because of course you keep changing because of your professional situation, your partner changes too and there are already many challenges waiting for you in the private sphere, that must be mastered.”

The very fact that a marriage is “a bit more complicated” than the coaching job is also appealing, he emphasized. “There aren’t that many couples who endure it to the end of their lives.” In the 11 years up to that point he had “experienced a great deal” with his wife and said it was his goal to “continue to shape this successfully”.

In the podcast, Nagelsmann also responded sympathetically openly to the question of what annoys his wife the most about him: that was probably his impulsive nature and his impatience. It’s rarely about a conflict between the two of them, but rather about road traffic situations or sports comments that annoyed him. As quickly as he gets upset about it, he calms down just as quickly.

The couple got married in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2018. In 2017, Verena accompanied him when Nagelsmann was awarded DFB Coach of the Year in Frankfurt. In personal words, he thanked her for her support on the sidelines of the event: “Verena has my back very, very much. I can fully concentrate on my job. We have a very adorable child, which she mostly raises as a single parent. Before that I can only take my hat off,” he said at the time, according to “Bild”. “I think she’s very proud. But I’m also of her.”

In December 2020, he also described in a “tz” interview that it is not always easy to reconcile his job as a Bundesliga coach with family life. The special requirements of his job were not always easy to understand, especially for his then five-year-old son: “He sometimes asks why I’m a football coach and don’t have another job. I can understand it because it’s not easy for him to understand why dad is not at home so many days a year.”

According to “Bild”, Nagelsmann and his wife do not want to live far away for the well-being of their children in the future and coordinate closely with each other.

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