The German sailors Sebastian Kummer remained with his sailing catamaran in the Aegean sea slopes. Actually, the Überführungstörn the Lagoon 46 from Les Sables-d’olonne was supposed to go to Marmaris, but the Turkey made because of the Corona-crisis, the border, and so the grief stuck.

What on 18. February began as a trip with friends, ended at 9. March with the news that Italy can’t be run as a “red Zone” because of the Corona Virus. In a hurry, the friends of dolphins in the Balearic Islands and grief sailed the cat from there alone. In the fifteen-minute Wake rhythm, he walked around Italy and made it to the Aegean sea. Since Greece and Turkey had closed their ports just. As a German citizen, he was not allowed to travel in Turkey and with the Turkish flag in Greece offices are closed.

Now, the 57-year-old Skipper is languishing alone on the luxurious catamaran sailing in secluded bays. It could be worse, you think – and the find Sebastian Kummer.

The Lagoon 46 comes fresh from the shipyard © Sebastian Kummer Float magazine No shortage of Rum and toilet paper

Problematic is the Situation for sorrow is also for the first time. The Professor of transport economy and logistics of the University of Vienna can organize well. His food situation is good, he finds. According to its own estimates, it will require about two months with the foods that were actually purchased for the entire Crew. Only water and Gas are a little tight. But the Rum is not, and also toilet paper is sufficient on Board.

fish al Sashimi, delicious © Sebastian Kummer is a magazine of meat-Float-fried Gas © Sebastian Kummer Float magazine

saves “A better place to be than on a sailboat, in order to be in quarantine, I can’t imagine”. he says. As the head of the Institute for the summer is provided free-of-semester forward from the distance of the Institute and accompanied the students to the home office. The Internet connection is working pleasingly, very good.

bread. For Breakfast, there’s now biscuit with jam © Sebastian Kummer Float magazine

Sebastian Kummer wants to fall in a Moment anyone on the load. He also believes that he is in the Moment, in an emergency situation. Nevertheless, he finds that a ship would have to be offered in such a Situation, according to the international law of the sea is actually a safe haven. Until then, he is lifted on the brand new Lagoon 46 perfectly.

In the Video, Kummer explains how he can live in the next few weeks in no-man’s land self-sufficient.

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This article was written by Kerstin Zillmer

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