Whether in a salad, as a smoothie or straight away: Persimmons are wonderfully fresh and juicy. But how do you actually eat the “fruit of God”?

On the vegetable shelves it shines in refreshing orange again – it’s persimmon time. But uncertain looks often speak volumes: How do you eat the exotic fruit? The Federal Center for Nutrition (BZfE) gives tips on how it works very easily.

The persimmon only tastes nice and sweet and delicious when it is really ripe. You can tell by the shell – then it looks slightly glassy. In addition, the fruit yields slightly if you gently press on it with your thumb.

Anyone who has caught a persimmon that is too hard when shopping can simply put it in the kitchen at room temperature at home. In this way, it ripens quickly within a few days. If you don’t want to eat a ripe fruit straight away, it stays fresh in the fridge for a day or two.

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First wash the persimmon thoroughly under running water, then cut in half lengthways with a sharp knife and cut out the base of the stalk. If there are brown spots or spots on the shell, you can also cut them out. Then place both halves on the cut surfaces and cut into strips, quarters or cubes, depending on your taste. If the fruit is already very soft, the flesh can also be scooped out.

The peel is edible. In less mature specimens, however, it can be a bit hard and taste slightly bitter. If you still want to eat the persimmons when they are ripe, you can also peel them.

Reading tips:

Frozen fruit in winter? A lot of people get chills just thinking about it. Nevertheless, nobody has to do without delicious smoothies in the cold season. The trick is to make veggies and warming spices the main ingredient.

Fruit provides the body with necessary vitamins and should be consumed regularly. To add variety to the menu, you can use persimmons, for example.