According to Elon Musk, Tesla will cut jobs. Employees who have been working for the electric car manufacturer for years have to go. Employees who work for social justice in the company, too.

The electric car manufacturer Tesla will cut 3 to 3.5 percent of its jobs in the coming months. This was made clear by company boss Elon Musk on Tuesday after conflicting reports. About every tenth job among employees will be lost. Spicy: According to media reports, employees who were involved in in-house diversity and inclusion programs also have to go.

According to Electrek, this affects the president of Tesla’s LGBTQ community, Bobby Berretta-Paris, among others. The recruiter had worked for the automaker for five years and had been promoted three times. Tesla also reportedly fired an unnamed software engineer who had worked in the interface design department for four years. The employee, who was also promoted three times, had worked voluntarily as an inclusion and diversity leader alongside his work and was committed to protecting colleagues in the event of problems in this matter.

How Elon Musk changed the world

It is unclear whether the dismissals of long-term employees are related to Musk’s own political beliefs. However, they coincide – coincidentally or not – with his critical statements on the so-called “woke culture”, which deals with social injustice and political correctness.

A few weeks ago, the Tesla CEO described the movement on Twitter as a “virus” that would “destroy civilization”. In the recent past, the visionary had increasingly expressed himself politically and, for example, declared the American left-liberal Democratic Party to be a “party of division and hatred”. At the same time, the Twitter buyer announced that he wanted to vote for the conservative Republicans.

Musk justified the layoffs on Tuesday at the Qatar Economic Forum by saying that Tesla had created jobs too quickly. The tech billionaire also explained that he expects a recession in the USA in the near future. At the same time, Musk emphasized that the number of factory workers will increase.