Scientists from the school of medicine Keck University of southern California found a new way to treat coronavirus infections, reports MedicalXpress.

Using mathematical models of the staff in the Department of molecular Microbiology and immunology analyzed the immune response of the organism to COVID-19, and compared it with the processes in the ordinary flu.

They noted that the standard viral disease immediately after the infection begins to work the innate immune system, destroying infection and damaged her so-called target cells. This prevents further spread of the virus, and the body is purified. If the infection remains, then after some time triggers adaptive immunity.

The researchers found, in the case of coronavirus acquired immunity aktiviziruyutsya before destroyed all the target cells of the upper respiratory tract. This allows the innate immune system to quickly fight the infection and leads to overload of the immune system.

"More prolonged viral activity may provoke an excessive reaction of the immune system called cytokine storm, which kills healthy cells, causing tissue damage," says one of the authors of Weimin yuan.

According to the researchers, the interaction of innate and adaptive immunity temporarily reduces the viral load on the body, resulting in patients coming a short-term improvement.

"However, if the organism is not completely cleared of the virus and target cells recover, the infection can attack him again and reach another peak," explained another author of the study Sean Do.

That is why some patients with COVID-19 symptoms subside for a while, and then comes the relapse.

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Based on the findings, the researchers proposed to suppress the body’s immune system with immunosuppressive drugs in the early stages of the disease.

"We can delay the adaptive immune response and prevent its interference with the innate immune system, which will quickly eliminate the virus and infected cells," said Du.

As said by the researchers to confirm the results of mathematical modeling, every day is important to measure viral load and other biomarkers in patients with COVID-19. In addition, implementation of such treatment requires additional clinical trials, they said.

Pandemic COVID-19 covered almost all countries of the world. According to who, the virus infected about 3.2 million people, about 227 thousand died.

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