A song that was written for the Cologne carnival is currently causing a real scandal. However, the “Schnitzel-Song” neither sexually offends nor does it discriminate against minorities. In fact, this time both vegans and meat eaters alike feel like they’ve been stepped on.

“The last schnitzel is in my stable. I’ll take good care of it, because if meat is banned, it’s my emergency ration. And then all my friends get a big portion,” is the chorus of the so-called schnitzel song “Et the Last Schnitzel” by the group “Zwei Hillije” (“Two Saints”). The duo entered the Cologne pub competition “Loss mer singe” and made it into the top 20.

Now there are voices calling for the song to be removed from the competition. And not only from vegans, who complain that the song glorifies meat consumption, but also from meat eaters, who “would like to continue eating meat”. This is reported by the “Kölner Express” and the “WDR”.

The singer duo, Bernd and Wolfgang Löhr, did not expect the song to polarize so much, but admits that they are aware of the “explosiveness of the topic”. At the same time, the two Schnitzel singers explained that it is also important to them that meat consumption decreases.

According to the President of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee, Christoph Kuckelkorn, actually taking the song out of the competition is not an option: “The carnival, especially the Cologne carnival, fulfills very special functions. One of the most important functions is almost a political one.” He should hold up a mirror to society and critically question current issues – and that includes nutrition.

Carnival hits have been causing a stir for some time now. The discussion about the “Höhner-Lied”, in which “Blootwoosch, Kölsch and delicious girls” is sung, was not that long ago. Here voices were raised that the song was too sexist. Carnival visitors who disguise themselves as minorities are also increasingly receiving criticism.

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