The tennis world is looking to Australia these days. Preparation, qualification, start of the tournament – the Australian Open make the headlines. But a few numbers below, professionals also fight for points, prize money and tournament victories beyond the great attention. Like the Challenger in Oeiras, Portugal, near the capital Lisbon.

In the individual competition, among others, the Lithuanian Ricardas Berankis will start, who will be looked after by the DTB Vice President Dirk Hordorff and will be in first place. However, Berankis is not the subject of conversation, but a young Portuguese talent: Jaime Faria.

During his doubles match in the round of 16 with partner Fabio Coelho, the score was 1:6, 1:2 and he thundered a ball towards his opponents – Courtney Lock (Zimbabwe) and Aziz Dougaz (Tunisia) – on his way to the bench. Not only the ball flies towards the opponent, but also the racket. The racquet then only whizzes past the heads of the opponents by a hair’s breadth.

Both opponents have to duck to avoid Faria’s bat. The action can be clearly observed in videos. However, the referee does not disqualify the young professional, but only warns him.

However, the warning does not put him off track – on the contrary. With his partner Coelho he still turns the match and wins 10:4 in the match tiebreak. A day later in the quarterfinals, however, it’s over for the duo. At least without incident.

But the behavior and freaks of tennis pros will, by all appearances, continue to concern us in 2023. On the big and the small stages.

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