The condition negotiations in the German retail sector are actually scheduled for autumn. It’s about the prices on the supermarket shelf. The first brand manufacturers are putting pressure on them and resorting to expensive clubs. FOCUS Online says what you have to pay for your favorite products.

When the largest brand manufacturers meet Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Lidl, Kaufland, Penny, Netto Marken-Discount, Rewe or Edeka in autumn, it is about prices, shelf space and new products. This year, the impending price adjustments are the focus of the annual condition negotiations.

The first brands are already making pressure. Before the actual talks, they want to raise prices.

The beverage giant Coca-Cola is already raising prices from September 1st. Actually, any adjustments should only take effect in November, as the industry service “Lebensmittel Zeitung” reports in its current print edition (paid content).

According to information from FOCUS Online, adjustments are in the double-digit percentage range.

Accordingly, the 1.25-liter bottle of Cola or Fanta should cost 1.29 euros in German retail. So far, Coca-Cola has been so expensive in supermarkets and discounters. Rewe merchants have already received a corresponding announcement from the Coca-Cola group.

On average, bottles from the soft drink manufacturer at Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and other supermarkets cost upwards of 1.19 euros. There are always discount offers, the bottles then cost from 88 cents.

The situation seems tense. Rewe and Edeka in particular still want to negotiate the price increase. Coca-Cola insists on the adjustment, explaining the higher prices with the increased raw material, transport and packaging costs.

The coming autumn will be a challenge for consumers.

There is hardly a manufacturer who does not insist on price adjustments. Individual Rewe and Edeka retailers from the Munich area believe that there will be delistings because the pressure on both sides has increased. The focus is also on their discounter brands Penny and Netto Marken-Discount. If products are removed from Rewe, Penny branches are automatically affected.

“Behind the scenes, supermarkets and discounters are preparing for the heavy negotiations in autumn,” warned an insider in early June in an interview with FOCUS Online. Retailers reject sharp price increases in the double-digit percentage range. Adjustments are apparently planned for chocolate, jams, juices, ready meals, chips and coffee. Brands such as Milka, Nutella, Zentis and Kinder-Schokolade are affected.

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In a specific example, it was recently delisted.

Ritter Sport stopped delivering new products to all Lidl and Kaufland branches because there was apparently a dispute over prices. The manufacturer announced price increases. Lidl and Kaufland rejected the adjustment. The dispute escalated and the delivery stopped.

A few weeks ago, Lidl only commented in an interview with the “Lebensmittel Zeitung” that there would be “many alternative products” on the market that customers could fall back on.

At Ritter Sport, it was explained succinctly that Lidl and Kaufland would not sell chocolate in the new packaging.

Edeka, in turn, had thrown Pepsi soft drinks off the shelves due to higher prices. PepsiCo products were not available in stores for several months.

An agreement was reached at the end of May, according to company circles. At the beginning of June, Edeka branches included Pepsi products in their range again for the first time. Previously, products such as Pepsi, Schwip Schwap or 7Up were not available from Edeka.

Consumers can benefit overall in the expensive phase.

Rewe, Kaufland, Lidl and Aldi are increasingly trying to lure Edeka customers into the branches with offers.

In the past few weeks alone, six large supermarket chains have offered Pepsi or Coca-Cola at a discount. At Lidl there was Schwip Schwap and other Pepsi soft drinks for 59 cents. The bottles were available from Penny and Rewe for 69 cents.

FOCUS Online advises: Look more in the weekly brochures of the supermarkets for offers.

Prospectuses are mailed out weekly, often between Thursday and Saturday. In some regions, the magazines can be found in your local city or weekly newspaper. Be sure to remove any “No Ads Please” stickers from the mailbox.

It is more practical to leaf through the brochures online: FOCUS current brochures

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