Anyone who has ever planted basil themselves or bought it from the supermarket knows that the herbs, once picked, only grow back sparingly. However, there is a very simple trick for an infinite basil harvest. FOCUS Online says how you can save.

Basil is one of the most popular herbs and is a delicious ingredient for pasta sauces or freshly made pesto. For example, you could use it to cook a delicious Jamie Oliver tomato sauce that is prepared in just three minutes.

In the supermarket, a basil pot costs between 1.99 and 3.49 euros.

Cooking with basil is the most fun when you can harvest it fresh from the balcony, garden or supermarket pot. All the more annoying when the inexpensive basil pot from Rewe or Edeka no longer looks fresh, has shrunk or no fresh leaves grow back.

With a simple trick, you can potentially increase your basil harvest. If you’ve managed to keep a basil bush alive, you deserve to get as much yield from it as possible.

The most common mistake: In order to get the maximum harvest, you should not just pick leaves at random.

This is how you do it right: In order for the plant to be able to form new shoots again and grow steadily, one spot is crucial.

If you take a closer look at the basil pot, you will see that new approaches have already emerged on some of the shoots. Once you have found the spots, simply cut off the tip of the shoot as far down as possible.

Two new basil shoots can now grow at this point. Repeat this, with the new shoots, you can potentiate the growth almost indefinitely.

When the plant starts flowering, the leaves taste slightly bitter. They are then less edible for cooking.

However, if you want to grow a new plant, you need the seeds of the herbal plant. Then feel free to let the basil bloom.

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