Food prices have increased massively in the current week. More than 50 products have become more expensive. FOCUS Online says which foods are now worth looking for special offers in brochures.

The heftiest price surges were seen on Monday in the refrigerated section in particular.

For the cheapest 500-gram pack of quark (e.g. from Aldi Süd, Aldi Nord, Penny or Netto Marken-Discount), consumers have been paying 1.39 euros since Monday. At Edeka and Rewe, the branded pack of quark costs a little more. At the checkout you pay 1.59 euros for the 500 grams. In the organic market you have to pay over 1.70 euros for it. Quark has never been so expensive!

The 500 grams of fruit quark costs 1.39 euros in the cheapest case at the discounter (e.g. “Gutes Land” from Kaufland). At Aldi there is the “creamy fruit quark” from Milsani for 1.49 euros. The price increase is 50 percent. Branded products (for example from Weihenstephan) cost considerably more. At Rewe and Edeka there are 500 grams for 1.89 euros.

The popular Icelandic yoghurt product became 50 cents more expensive in all supermarkets and discounters on Monday. Lidl (“Milbona”) increased to 1.49 euros (from 99 cents), Aldi Süd (“Gut-Bio”) also to 1.49 euros. The branded products from Arla, Alpro and Milram also climbed from 1.49 euros to as much as 1.89 euros. The average price increase is 30 cents.

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The no-name butter costs between 2.09 euros and 2.29 euros across the board. You have to dig deeper into your pocket for branded products. Consumers pay between EUR 3.19 and EUR 3.39 for the 250-gram pack of Kerrygold, Meggle or Andechser.

Here, too, there has been a nationwide price surge in the past few weeks. Edeka, Rewe and Netto Marken-Discount have made branded products such as “Golden Toast” in 750 gram bags 20 cents more expensive. Wholegrain sandwiches, for example, cost 1.99 euros in the cheapest case (from 1.79 euros). But there was also a price increase at the discounter. Lidl increased “Grafschafter Vollkorn Toast” to 79 cents, as did Edeka for its “Gut

There was also a price adjustment for pasta within the last ten days. FOCUS Online learned: Aldi, Lidl and other retailers have raised the 500 gram pack of no-name spaghetti from 79 cents to 89 cents. Edeka made the “Gut

The price increase for branded products is even greater. Rewe increased the pack of spaghetti “Buitoni” from 1.49 euros to 1.69 euros. “Barilla” spaghetti (No5) is available from Netto, Penny and Rewe for 1.89 euros. An adjustment of 20 cents.

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In mid-May, all pesto sauces on supermarket shelves climbed by up to 50 percent. The cheapest pesto glass costs 1.19 euros each at Penny, Rewe, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd (from 79 cents). Branded products cost up to 3.49 euros (e.g. “Barilla Pesto” (from 3.29 euros), “Bertolli” (from 2.99 euros) or “Buitoni” (from 2.29 euros).

It is unclear whether the milk price will rise. Corresponding supply contracts between farmers and retailers will soon be negotiated. They attack then in October. For a liter of milk, customers pay from 84 cents upwards, depending on the branch, type and fat content. UHT milk with a low fat content is cheaper at Aldi, Lidl and Penny at 84 cents than fresh hay milk, which costs 1.89 euros at Rewe.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s fresh or UHT milk: branded products are now available for over one euro per liter. Milk has never been so expensive in the supermarket.

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