Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davies and Cynthia Nixon — who played their iconic “SATC”, roles on HBO Max’s “And Just Like That …”” roles — released a social media statement Monday.

“We are deeply shocked to learn of the allegations against Chris Noth. The three women spoke out in a joint statement to support each other. We recognize that it is difficult and we commend them for doing it.

In an article published in The Hollywood Reporter, Noth was charged with sexually assaulting two female victims in 2004 and 2015.

A third woman accused him of assaulting her at a New York City restaurant she worked in in 2010 was brought forward the next day.

All three claims of assault by Noth have been denied by Noth.

Noth responded to THR’s story by saying that “the accusations against me made years ago by individuals I knew are categorically false.” These stories could have been 30 years ago or 30 day ago — no always implies no — this is a line that I didn’t cross.

“The encounters were consensual. It is difficult to not question the timing of these stories being published. Although I don’t know the reason they are coming out now, I do know that I didn’t assault these women.

After the third woman had accused him, he made another statement.

His spokesperson stated that the story was a fabrication and that the accounts that were alleged to have been given throughout are a bunch of bad fiction. “Chris doesn’t know who this person is, and as we stated yesterday, has never crossed that line.”

Anonymously, all three women who accused Noth of being a fraud came forward. NBC News has not independently verified or identified the accusations of Noth by any of these women.

Since the release of “And Just Like That …””, Noth has been prominently featured. John Preston, aka Mr. Big, was killed after completing a Peloton training program. Noth was featured in a Peloton commercial that was filmed over the weekend. It has since been pulled.

He was the fictional ex-CIA director William Bishop on “The Equalizer”, a CBS series. Noth confirmed Monday that he had been removed from the show.

“Chris Noth will not film any more episodes of The Equalizer,” Universal Television and CBS announced in a joint statement to TODAY.