After sharing a photo mocking the attitude and accents of lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and his fellow Russians, UFC slugger Mike Perry has named eight “fighters with a mental illness” who he would “kill in the cage.”

Weeks after pledging that he would be “more good” and “less bad” while using his social media platforms solely to promote upcoming fights, volatile UFC wild man Perry shared a photo from a fan account showing Nurmagomedov alongside slogans including “we never drink”, “get back to training” and “women are temporary and will break your heart”.

Writing “them Russians really talk like this” under the snap on his Instagram, the expectant father then turned his wrath on eight future victims including bitter rival Darren Till, producing an event poster showing their faces.

Calling his promotion ‘Make a Death Wish’ and using a design made by two UFC meme accounts, Perry explained that he would be “creating life-changing wishes for fighters with a mental illness.”

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I’m itchin to swag out ! Nothing like fight week. Especially when it’s just you and you girl ! Like @jeezy said “ I need a vacation “ #BestIsYetToCome #Platinum

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“All eight of these fighters have made the same death wish,” he added.

“To die at the hands of ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry in the cage. Mike is happy to grant that wish.”

Perry’s targets included Khamzat Chimaev, the unbeaten Russian-born welterweight newcomer who won twice in ten days on UFC Fight Island last month.

The American posed in a pair of swim shorts on a beach in the montage, taking the photo from a clip he had published for his fans showing himself performing an overhead flip at the water’s edge.

“I haven’t worked out in a while so I’m looking flabby,” he admitted, adding that UFC middleweight and sparring partner Yoel Romero had taught him the move.

He had previously warned his followers to “hate all you want”, promising: “I’m making history.”

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Yoel taught me this move… and I haven’t worked out in a while so I’m lookin flabby

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After announcing that girlfriend and cornerman Latory Gonzalez was pregnant last month, Perry claimed he could “only go forward” and was “growing”.

“I swear I will be all I can be,” he told his audience of more than 573,000.

“I’ve missed sight of things in life and attached too much fake social media publicity to my real life.

“I vow to be the great man I know I can be and I owe this life to you, beautiful.”

Since beating Mickey Gall on June 27, Perry has courted outrage for furious outbursts on social media and a violent altercation at a restaurant that was caught on camera.