In the Nenets Autonomous district of wild reindeer counted from the air and concerned about their small numbers. About it “” reported in the world wildlife Fund (WWF).

The counts say that the number Timan population in the region is extremely low, although it is expected that in the spring the animals will be more because of migration. The decrease in the number of Russian scientists associated with poaching.

Comparison of the results of the may aerial survey and land records, made in March, showed that the number of “savage” in the district is disastrously low and does not exceed 100-200 individuals, and the migration of deer from neighbouring regions is virtually nonexistent. From this, the researchers came to the conclusion about the adverse state of the Timan group of deer in the territory, not only NAO, but also the Arkhangelsk region and Komi Republic.

As stated by the project coordinator of the world wildlife Fund in the NAO Sergey Uvarov, the data suggest that either scientists haven’t got to the main places of residence of the stag, or the population declined so much that it is necessary as soon as possible to further stabilize the situation.

13 may it was reported that in the Nenets tundra began to be born reindeer. The Department of natural resources in the region suggest that in 2020, the light will be about 67 thousand animals. The health of calves will appreciate in June. At the same time is vaccination of deer against anthrax, and the herders conduct semi-annual counting of herds.