Disabled citizens in Russia suffer while moving through the city, to say nothing about those people with disabilities who love fishing or gather mushrooms? But the engineer from Novosibirsk has developed this wheelchair-terrain vehicle. It is not just the steps no problem, but the slush — mud, silt, sand, and snow.

Unusual means of transportation has created a graduate of the Novosibirsk state technical University NETI Ivan Nevzorov, and production has established the company Caterwil. The model is called GTS 4WD, it is equipped with four wheels that have rubber developed cleats, as well as a caterpillar for climbing and descending the stairs. Design gross weight is 98 kg and dimensions allow to transport it in the trunk of a crossover or a car with body type “universal”. Compactness and convenience in transportation adds foldable seat and footrests.

Unique all-terrain vehicle is modularity — you can order complete set without tracks or with a more capacious battery (70 Ah instead of 38). It follows from the comments of the creators of the video test, which is shown below, charge the basic version is enough for 5-7 miles hard off road, and on the hard floors and when using only rear-wheel drive, the mileage can reach up to 25 km.

According to Nevzorov, the idea is to develop more powerful and walkable wheelchair came to him after another test of one of the previous models. In the winter of 2019 pilot Caterwil Yuri Larin stormed the so-called “ramp-killer” one of the pharmacies in Novosibirsk and he did it just because he is a sportsman and winner of international racing in wheelchairs. An ordinary person with disabilities there was no way to cope.

Further, the idea evolved in the direction of the hunters, fishermen and just those who like to walk on asphalt. ” to pass on the Bank of the river is sometimes easier than in some streets of Russian cities, so that the stroller will be useful not only to the fishermen,” — explains the idea of the product is its Creator. Of course, the fun is not cheap — prices GTS 4WD on the manufacturer’s website starts from six thousand rubles. However, it is slightly more expensive than their foreign counterparts even without the all-terrain properties.