Pandemic coronavirus showed that European countries and the USA showed the worst results in protection of the population, than Russia and China. The weakening of the globalization of the pandemic gives Rossi a chance to expand its influence. This writes the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, a translation of the article which published the “new York times”.

“Rambler” wrote that at the end of 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan was an outbreak of a new coronavirus which causes pneumonia. According to recent reports, the world COVID-19 sick more than 5.6 million people, killed more than 350 thousand.

According to one of the authors of the book “Russia and the question of world order,” Elias Gotz, which led to the publication, China was the epicenter of the epidemic of the coronavirus, however, has taken measures proved much more effective than those that have been introduced in the United States and many European countries.

“It changed the idea that success can only be achieved economically developed liberal democracy,” he explained.

Gotz suggested that the coronavirus pandemic will affect the processes of globalization, and the EU authorities are already faced with the fact that European countries are unable to agree on a system for tracking cases of infection. The survey conducted in March showed that more than half of young Europeans trust more authoritarian States than democratic not only in health, but in climate crisis.

The process of globalization has sharply stopped, and experts expect the markets to a larger number of restrictions and guidance to countries for local production. It will be a point in favor of Russia, which has long suffered from the fact that her goods were difficult to compete even in the domestic market, the article notes.

“the Ban on the import of European products, which Moscow imposed in response to sanctions over the Ukrainian situation, have opened new opportunities for local producers”, – the newspaper notes.

The article also emphasizes that “while relations between Beijing and Washington will become only more tense, Russia and China will move closer”.

In this case, the agenda of the General approaches to the solution of future problems in the security area, including pandemics. And NATO will remain on the sidelines as these new challenges “do not touch the axis East — West.” Russia had the rare opportunity to consolidate and increase its influence, say the journalists.