Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani was praised by many conservatives for laying out massive voter fraud allegations during a Thursday press conference, but critics on Twitter were consumed with the event’s odder moments.

The former New York City mayor made major claims while speaking to the press on Thursday, alleging numerous witness statements prove voter fraud occurred across the country, stealing an election victory from President Trump, who continues to contest the results in multiple states. 

Among his claims were that hundreds of thousands of ballots were not properly inspected in Pennsylvania, ballots were backdated in Detroit, Michigan, some Trump ballots were tossed, and Republican observers were forced to stand at a distance so far from ballots being counted that they could not verify the accuracy of the process.

Giuliani slammed the media for not properly covering voter fraud allegations from the Trump campaign and ignoring the various witness affidavits in favor of reporting that there is “no evidence” of Trump’s many assertions.

Several odd moments from Trump’s lawyer gave critics an opportunity to further ignore the allegations. 

One moment pounced on by critics appeared to show a hair product running down Giuliani’s face while he spoke. 

“That Rudy’s hair dye is running down his face  is going to piss off the president more than anything,” journalist Yashar Ali tweeted. 

That Rudy’s hair dye is running down his face is going to piss off the president more than anything.

With hair dye dripping down his face Rudy Giuliani actually just said “I feel kinda stupid.”

Giuliani also found himself trending when he referenced the 1992 comedy ‘My Cousin Vinny’ starring Joe Pesci. While it was certainly an unexpected reference to drop during a press conference on alleged voter fraud, Giuliani called it one of his favorite “law movies” and cited a scene from the film to help make his point about observers standing too far away from ballots.

In the film, a witness in a murder investigation claims to have seen the defendants on trial, but Pesci’s Vinny asks her to count how many fingers he’s holding at half the sistance she would have been on the night of the murder. She cannot.

Rudy: Did you all see My Cousin Vinny?

Critics were mostly too shocked by the reference to counter the point. 

“Most successful legal strategies involve your lawyer, sweating profusely, quoting scenes from My Cousin Vinny to the assembled media,” writer Judd Legum tweeted. 

.@RudyGiuliani is actually quoting “My Cousin Vinny,” which he says is one of his favorite movies. This is actually happening.

Rudy Giuliani just tried to use a scene from my cousin Vinny as evidence. If we are going to use movies as evidence, I recommend we start with the new Borat.

Rudy’s been going for an hour, and his only accurate claim to this point is that My Cousin Vinny is a great film.

Even Jenn Ellis, the Trump campaign’s senior legal advisor, could not escape the mockery after she referred to the president’s legal team as an “elite strike force.”

“Elite strike force”? Are you kidding me? So embarrassing and so dangerous for our democracy.

I saw “Elite Strike Force” trending and figured it must be some new video game. But no, Trump’s idiot lawyer Jenna Ellis just claimed that she and Rudy Giuliani are an Elite Strike Force. This came even as Rudy was sweating and wiping the Just For Men off his face. Losers. Sad!

She and Rudy? Elite strike force! LOL

Some pointed to the obsession with the weirder moments from the press conference as a deliberate attempt to ignore Giuliani’s actual points.

“You know @RudyGiuliani unveiled incredibly important information in the press conference when the fake news is only focused on something dumb involving his hair,” political advisor Alex Bruesewitz tweeted. 

Conservatives, meanwhile, had praise for Giuliani and others for laying out specific examples of the voting irregularities cited so often by him and others, including the president. 

“Rudy is pushing the slaughtermeter up to 98%. He’s making a strong case that the fraud is big enough to change the result and the evidence is clear,” author Scott Adams tweeted.

“Kinda fascinating. He’s laying out a case quite clearly but it will be either ignored or mocked by mainstream media. So either it will be nothing, but the process will have run it’s course, or a hell of a lot of people are gonna have their heads explode because they were misled,” author and podcaster Dave Rubin added. 

Rudy hit it out of the park.

.@RudyGiuliani is laying down the truth hammer right now. There is massive evidence of voter fraud.

Rudy to the media after citing specified witness testimony alleging voter fraud: “You keep reporting, falsely, that we have no evidence, that we have no specific acts of fraud. That’s because the coverage of this has been almost as dishonest as the scheme itself.”

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