Quebec films are added to the programming of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). This is the case of Ru, Charles-Olivier Michaud, Simple comme Sylvain, Monia Chokri, and humanist Vampire seeks consenting suicidal, Ariane Louis-Seize.

The TIFF program is divided into ten selections, led by Gala Presentations and Special Presentations. It is in the Special Presentations category that Ru, inspired by Kim Thúy’s first novel, which will be released in Quebec on November 24, will be presented.

The films Simple comme Sylvain (Monia Chokri), Humanist Vampire seeks suicidal consenting (Ariane Louis-Seize) and Irena’s Vow (Louise Archambault) were selected in the “masterpieces” category (formerly called “Cinema of the contemporary world” , also popular with festival-goers).

Simple comme Sylvain, in theaters September 22, stars Magalie Lépine-Blondeau and Pierre-Yves Cardinal. They interpret the roles of Sophia and Sylvain, she a professor of philosophy, he an entrepreneur from the Laurentians, who will experience a passionate love.

The first feature film by Ariane Louis-Seize, Humanist Vampire Seeking Suicidal Consent is a horror comedy that narrates the meeting between Sacha, a vampire too humanistic to bite, and Paul, a teenager who agrees to lose his life. The main roles were entrusted to Félix-Antoine Bénard and Sara Montpetit. The film is scheduled for release on October 13.

Irena’s Vow – a film shot in English, in Poland – tells the story of a nurse (Sophie Nélisse) during the Second World War. The film stars Sophie Nélisse.

It should be noted that Hey, Viktor!, by Alberta Cree actor Cody Lightning, as well as In Flames, the first feature film by Pakistani-Canadian Hamza Bangash, were also selected in the Masterpieces category.

At the end of July, TIFF announced a first wave of 60 selected films, including Solo, by Sophie Dupuis (Gala Presentations), and Happy Days, by Chloé Robichaud (Special Presentations).

As for the short films, we should highlight the selection of Gaby les collines, by Zoé Pelchat, Tous les jours de mai, by Miryam Charles, Faire un enfant, by Eric K. Boulianne, and 6 minutes/km, by Catherine Boivin. The Toronto International Film Festival will take place September 7-17, 2023.