Lola Weippert was the victim of a brutal robbery, as the RTL presenter reports to her Instagram followers. The incident happened in South Africa.

Lola Weippert spoke up on January 14 with a shocking video on her Instagram account. With a bruise on her face and tears in her eyes, she tells her fans and followers about what just happened to her. The 26-year-old was the victim of a brutal robbery in South Africa. A day later she reports again and is grateful to be alive.

In a question and answer session, a fan wants to know how Lola is doing after the robbery. The moderator writes: “On the one hand, I’m scared because nothing like it has ever happened to me and I was covered in broken glass. On the other hand so grateful that I can live and he didn’t have a knife/gun with him. That would have turned out very differently.”

14 January:

The shock is still deep. Lola Weippert struggles to regain her composure when she speaks in a video message. “A quick reminder: If you think you’re safe in Cape Town – don’t be too sure,” the moderator opens the video. “I was hit on this side, I have glass in my eye.” Then Lola reports what just happened to her. She was in the capital of South Africa in the car – accompanied. “We were suddenly attacked at a traffic light by a guy who had a stone in his hand and smashed my window,” the moderator recalls with horror.

Lola further reports that the perpetrator had tried to snatch the cell phone from her hand. He also punched the 26-year-old in the face. In the end he had “thank God only the Cartier bracelet” captured, Lola continues. At the end of the video, the presenter turns to the online community with a request: “Take care of yourselves! Do not take your cell phone or other valuables into the front of the car. Pack everything away!”

The followers are also shocked by the video. “What a nightmare,” writes one user. “I’m so sorry that this happened to you. However, don’t let the incident discourage you and scare you, dear Lola. You can do it.” Many other fans also encourage the “Temptation Island” presenter and wish her to recover quickly from the terrible attack. It’s not Lola’s first negative experience in Cape Town. A year ago she fell victim to scammers in the South African holiday paradise.

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