The occupation of space tourism due to the need of “Roscosmos” to survive, told RIA Novosti, cosmonaut, Hero of Russia, the record for total time spent in space (878 days) Gennady Padalka.

“Our aerospace industry has to survive, earn money, it is normal that tourists had not gone to Elon musk on his [Crew] Dragon and Boeing in the Cockpit. They need to offer unique capabilities,” — said the expert.

The expert also commented on the agreement between Rocket and space Corporation Energia and Space Adventures involving a tourist exit into space in 2023. According to him, “tourists to be prepared so carefully for the exit into space. But in this case I wouldn’t call it a spacewalk. It’s called the takeaway tourists into space”.

According to a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics named after Tsiolkovsky Andrei Ionin, flying tourists to the International space station (ISS) with spacewalks costs about 200 million dollars, and the very MKS no longer interested in the leading powers after 2024 may stop working.

In June, Energia announced the conclusion of an agreement with Space Adventures, involving the tourist exit into open space.

According to open sources, the Russian manned space program existed due to the delivery of astronauts to the ISS, Russia from July 2011 to may 2020 held a monopoly position. Every year Roscosmos for these services received from NASA about $ 400 million. Meanwhile, the opportunities for space tourism the United States has more than Russia, since the first has two reusable manned space vehicles against one disposable Soyuz MS the second.