Roscosmos showed the Rocket Victory

“Roscosmos” revealed in Twitter snapshots cargo spacecraft “Progress MS-14”, which on April 25 at “the Rocket’s Victory” will fly to the International space station (ISS). Additional photos can be viewed on the website of the Corporation.

“Today, designers inspection of the ship made the knurling head fairing and checked the start-up readiness in the composition of the space head part”, — said in the caption for publication.


According to the Corporation, “Rocket Victory” is a vehicle “Soyuz-2.1 a” with the applied logo of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, the image of St. George ribbon and orders of great Patriotic war.

In April, the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein said that the first launch of a spacecraft Crew Dragon with astronauts aboard the ISS on may 27. This will mean Russia’s loss of the monopoly on the delivery of people to the ISS that existed from July 2011, when the United States stopped using the shuttles Space Shuttle.

In April 2015, the cargo transport ship “Progress M-27M”, launched on the rocket “Soyuz 2.1 a” to the ISS, refused to transfer telemetry data, came in uncontrolled movement and in may of the same year was drowned in the ocean. Then the media reported that on Board the spacecraft, the launch of which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the great Patriotic war, was the Banner of Victory, however, the Corporation stated that it is to the station was delivered early.