Wayne Rooney criticises the Premier League to publish proposals on a common pay cut for the league’s players.

the Premier League has suggested that the league’s players renounce 30 percent of their salary to help the Uk’s best superliga through the immediate coronakrise.

The former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney is out with a hefty criticism of the proposal.

“Why must there be scapegoats?”

“When the Premier League publishes such a proposal, so it adds to the pressure on the players and creates a situation in which they (the players, red.) can’t win,” writes Wayne Rooney in a column in the newspaper Sunday Times.

“If the players say they can not go with to give 30 percent – even if it may mean that it will bankrupt some of them – so it will be presented, as that ‘rich players refuse to give salary’,” he said.

Rooney, who today is manager of the Derby in the second-best English superliga, see no reason why the Premier League have gone public with their thoughts.

“Why? It is as if it is about to make the players to shame. To force them into a corner where they have to pick the bill up for lost revenue (in the clubs, ed.),” he writes.

Wayne Rooney describes the Premier League’s public talk of a collective pay cut for the players as directly shameful. He believes, instead, that each club should have a chat with his players.

“the Clubs should sit down with each player and explain to them how much they need to save in order to survive. It would players accept.”

“A player may say, that he can cope with 30 percent, while another will say that he can afford only five percent,” writes Wayne Rooney.

the Fighting in the Premier League is suspended indefinitely, which means that the English clubs have lost a large part of the turnover.

the League will only be resumed when it is health sound. There are still nine rounds.