The British company Rolls-Royce will develop the engine for an American supersonic passenger aircraft of the Overture.

The U.S. company’s Supersonic Boom, which is developing a supersonic passenger aircraft Overture concluded with the British company Rolls-Royce the contract to develop the new engine. In the first stage of cooperation the companies intend to determine whether it can be used in the future aircraft of any of the existing engines or generators.

Currently Boom Supersonic collects the reduced prototype of a supersonic passenger aircraft Overture called XB-1 Baby Boom. The length of the XB-1 is 20.7 meters, wingspan of 5.2 meters. The estimated cruising speed of the new plane is 2.2 Mach number range of 1900 kilometers. Maximum takeoff weight of the prototype is 6.1 tonnes, it is equipped with only a double cabin for pilots.

On the XB-1 will be equipped with three turbojet engine J85 General Electric. On the prototype the developers intend to test several technologies that can then be used in a full-size prototype flight the model aircraft. Among these solutions are a special form of glider with smooth transitions, long sharp nose and a Delta wing with a very large sweep on the leading edge.

In Boom Supersonic assume that this will reduce the number and intensity of shock waves generated by the airframe during supersonic flight. Flight tests of the XB-1 will begin in late 2020 or early 2021. They will be carried out in a supersonic air corridor over the Mojave desert. A private American company Aerion Supersonic meanwhile, is about to begin serial production of advanced supersonic passenger aircraft AS2 in 2023.

The length of the aircraft is 52 meters height — 6.7 meters, wingspan — 18.6 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of supersonic aircraft will be 55 tons, the AS2 will be equipped with three engines, thrust each of which shall be not less than 69 kN. The plane is designed to carry up to 12 passengers. AS2 will fly over water at a cruising speed of 1.4−1.6 Mach, slowing down to about Mach 1.2 over land.