Rogozin revealed the advantages of the Russian disposable rockets

The CEO of the state Corporation "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin believes that the features of the application reusable rockets do not allow them to be cost-effective in comparison with single Russian that have been run many times and have good statistics.

Earlier Rogozin has already said that Russian companies have found a way to reduce the cost of the missiles by 30% to compete with American companies, first of all, SpaceX’s Elon musk. According to Rogozin, Musk sells its rocket, NASA and the Pentagon at an inflated price, and in the commercial market dumping. The Musk responded and said that his rocket is 80% reusable, and Russia – 0%.

"the Falcon 9 is an American rocket used by SpaceX company. In order to get her back steps to the Ground, half of the fuel spent on it. That is actually a rocket that can get over 20 tons of payload, removes approximately two times smaller, and eats the rest of the rocket to return. Why is the economy such a specific", – said Rogozin on air of radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Complicated and expensive, Rogozin said, and service must undergo a reusable rocket module between starts. The oxygen-kerosene engines, which are on the rocket Mask, require cleaning after each start-up. In addition, they need to be checked for damage that could occur during landing.

"Is a beautiful engineering idea, it we all like, but until we see opportunities to follow this example, because our missiles are really effective, they with the highest degree of reliability and with excellent statistics", – said Rogozin.