The SUV Rezvani Vengeance (engl.: revenge) looks like a tank from the outside: pepper spray system, mine-proof underbody, thick armor. Inside, lounge chairs, a bar and luxury await.

The US manufacturer Rezvani has launched a new SUV with unusual equipment: the Rezvani Vengeance. The heavily armored car in a brutal design is based on a Cadillac Escalade and, in addition to a lot of horsepower, comes with crazy extras: including a pepper spray system against cyclists. According to the manufacturer Rezvani, the car is definitely suitable for the daily commute to the office.

It is no coincidence that the proud 5.60 meter long, 2.23 meter wide and 1.98 meter high Rezvani Vengeance looks like it came from a computer game: the outer dress was designed by video game designer Milen Ivanov. 22-inch rims with 35-inch tires complete the apocalyptic look.

The V8 engine delivers up to 810 hp. Commuters are more likely to use the turbo diesel with 277 hp. You can choose between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

Inside, a luxury interior awaits with leather seats, state-of-the-art air conditioning and a premium sound system. The infotainment system offers the 38-inch curved touchscreen familiar from the Escalade. Gas masks, helmets and protective vests are also available; Apple Carplay and Android Auto are also available.

The package with reclining chairs, bar, television and multimedia screens in the back area costs an additional 125,000 euros. If you book the Military Package for $95,000, you also get even stronger armor, bulletproof windows and mine-proof underbody paneling.

Totally crazy: The car has several features that you might otherwise need for car chases. A smoke system fogs cars driving behind at the push of a button; the pepper spray system integrated into the exterior mirrors drives cyclists away.

If a pursuer makes it to the car, he fails because of the live door handles. For the subsequent howl of triumph, the Vengeance driver uses the built-in loudspeaker system. Thermal night vision system, all-round video surveillance and electric impulse defense complete the street fighting equipment.

The Rezvani Vengeance is available now in the US with prices starting around $250,000. Military Package and larger engines cost tens of thousands of dollars extra; Rezvani charges around $780,000 for a full-featured Vengeance.

It is still unclear whether the car will also be available outside of the USA. Safety-conscious German commuters may only have to go to the importer. Because the battleship weighs significantly more than 3.5 tons, depending on the armor, you need a truck driver’s license.

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