Renata Litvinova will stage a performance in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya

“Some time ago our artistic Director Konstantin Bogomolov suggested Renata Litvinova to put the show in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and she agreed”, – quotes the press attache of the theatre Maria Malkina TASS.

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According to Malkina, Renata Litvinova now just completing work on a play and will soon begin rehearsals. Also, the press Secretary said that before the quarantine Litvinov managed to hold a casting call and adopted “the backbone of the elders” – Gennady Sayfulina and Victor Lakirev.

“I Also invited his actors-colleagues with whom I work long: Sophia Ernst and Cyril troubetzkoy. How to end isolation, will begin rehearsals of my new piece “post-mortem wounds”, – quotes Malkin Renata Litvinova.

In the formulation will also involve actors Sergei Qisas, Tatiana Lozova, Maria Fomina.

But as she Litvinova describes his play: it’s “about the theatre, its stars, the loss of roles, but not greatness.” The actress and the Director promises that this will be the spy show with gunfights, car chases, death and, of course, love. Its new production, Renata dedicates to all the actors. Scenography for the play will perform Larissa Lomakina.