the couple on the bicycle at a safe distance in the air. Remco Evenepoel (20) adheres nicely to the action that are prescribed to him to be. Then, the most promising rider of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step earlier, on Twitter, will know that he is still a little bit confused whether or not he is with his girlfriend Oumi is on a visit to her.

now, you Can have your friend visit this coronatijden or not. For Remco Evenepoel, whose friend Oumi, just 100 metres from the hotel residence, it was not immediately clear. The rider of the Deceuninck to Go and went to seek advice from his Twitter followers.

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It is quite a bitsige the answer is of virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst did not have long to wait for, “What part of ‘ stay in your room”, it is so hard to understand?”, a voice said sharply.

now, Evenepoel left it might not be to his / her heart out, and plan a safe trip with a great love of Oumi. “I’m doing what I love to do it with the girl I love. Moments like this help me through this difficult time. “Love you, princess”, he dolverliefde rider in the photo.

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This e-mail message on Instagram

Doing what I love the most, with the girl that I love the most! Moments like this really help me going through these rough times. LoveYou Princess ❤️ #staystrong

A message that is shared by Remco Evenepoel (@jim.(ev) at.

More about Remco Evenepoel, Remco Evenepoel ‘ and ‘girlfriend, also do not know what can and can, to a virologist is in order, Marc Van Ranst replies: “What part of’ stay in your room”, it is so hard to do?” Behind each and every olympic winner is a mom, even in these difficult times: “did It hurt when He tears on the phone hung up”, and “My heart is really hurt when he was crying on the phone hung up” Pack is not set up with the initiative of minister De Crem: “This is one of the most stupid rules”