The social network Reddit and Amazon-owned streaming service Twitch blocked channels in support of US President Donald trump, announced the company on Monday.

Social network Reddit has blocked the largest forum of supporters of trump r/The_Donald for violation of the new rules of the platform, said company Chairman Steve Huffman.

"All the community on Reddit should conscientiously abide by our policy on content. We have blocked r/The_Donald because they didn’t do it," said Huffman.

The ban on Reddit and got some tips on forum r/ChapoTrapHouse and about 2 thousand branches of forums, most of them inactive.

A similar step was taken service Twitch, which blocked the streaming channel trump.

"Twitch behavior, full of hatred, is not allowed. We do not make exceptions for political content or issues of news", – said in a statement.

The US President was accused of inciting hatred of his political opponents, the trump denies this.

Earlier, another social network – Twitter – outlined one of the messages of the President of the United States Donald trump as containing the truth, and placed under him a warning icon with a link to the article where it says that trump lied. Trump, in response, has threatened to strictly regulate or even "close" the social network if they continue to stifle the voices of conservatives.

The actions of Twitter scarified the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg saying that the social network does not have the right to be the arbitrator in the matter of users ‘ content. The employees staged a virtual protest in connection with the decision of Zuckerberg to the post of President of the United States Donald trump about the protestors in Minneapolis.