With the green light from the authorities recommend AT that genbrugspladserne reopens. They have been closed by the corona.

the Country’s recycling centres could be re-opened for private if a number of conditions are met.

It assesses the health authorities, writes national Association of Municipalities (KL) in a press release.

the Country’s recycling sites have been closed since 11. march, where large parts of the Danish society was shut down to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Since the has AT been in dialogue with the authorities, as there are several sites encountered challenges with the waste that has accumulated and thrown in among the other nature.

Now the Danish Agency for Patient safety, that it will be health safe to reopen genbrugspladserne, if it is ensured that the citizens who come on genbrugspladsen, keeping distance to each other and to staff, so as not to create situations where people come in close contact.

background recommend AT now the local authorities to re-open the seats to the full and with full staffing from Tuesday, 31. march.

– It has been crucial for us, to a reopening of the genbrugspladserne could be health sound, says Jacob Bjerregaard, president of the KLs Environmental and Forsyningsudvalg.

– The overriding consideration in this time is that we must limit the spread of infection as much as possible. This is why it is important that we take the right precautions and follow the authorities ‘ recommendations, when the pitches reopen.

AT recommend to be opened simultaneously all across the country, so need to get rid of the waste spread as much as possible.

– It is important that we all show patience, takes consideration for each other, and not least to the employees who now need to organize the seats in a different way.

I would therefore like to ask all not running off on Tuesday morning, and that you are considering whether you can wait to deliver its waste for some time yet, says Jacob Bjerregaard.

in Order that the opening can be carried out safely in relation to the infection of citizens and employees, should the municipalities according AT establish restricted access, appropriate to each municipality.

It can for example be portvagt, bomløsninger, nummerpladestyring, online booking or similar.

at the same time, it should be considered whether there can be a municipal official with experience in the environmental inspection system present on the seats, sounds the from AT.