Even in cash-loving Germany, payments with notes and coins are declining significantly. With the electronics retailer Gravis, a first chain recently announced that it would no longer accept cash in its branches with immediate effect.

CHIP took this as an opportunity to ask other dealers whether similar steps are planned there.

Thomas Bonrath, press spokesman for the Rewe Group, to which Penny also belongs, explains: “Cash is becoming less important, but it is still the second most popular form of payment. For us as retailers, ‘digital’ versions also have handling and insurance advantages. Ultimately, However, it is important to us to let our customers decide how they want to pay. That’s why we will continue to offer as many payment methods as possible in the future – i.e. cash payment as well.”

Netto, Kaufland and Edeka also make similar statements. Aldi Nord says that “increased use of card payments” has been registered, especially since the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, as a basic supplier, we will continue to accept cash in the future. There are currently no statements from Aldi Süd and dm.

The large electronics retailers, where cash generally plays a lesser role, have also made statements. A spokeswoman for MediaMarktSaturn tells us: “We also want to offer our customers the best possible service when it comes to paying. Cash payment is a simple and flexible method of payment that is still popular in our brick-and-mortar stores we will continue to offer cash payment.

Euronics and Expert are somewhat less clear. Benedict Kober, spokesman for the board of Euronics Germany, says that all Euronics dealers are recommended to “offer a wide range of payment options” – including cash. However, all members of the group are free to implement their own payment models.

The same applies to Expert. This is about “a cooperation of independent entrepreneurs”. They can therefore decide for themselves which payment methods are offered. However, since numerous customers still value cash, there are no “recommendations to abolish cash payments”.

So cash will not disappear across the board at Euronics and Expert either. However, it is quite possible that individual shareholders will ban cash payments from their branches in the future.

The original of this post “Gravis no longer accepts cash payments: These are the plans of Aldi, Rewe and Edeka” comes from chip.de.