The Radical Left and the Conservative ask the minister for social affairs on support for aid agencies in trouble.

Civil society aid agencies should have a targeted economic stimulus plan. This is the sound of the call for social and interior minister Astrid Krag from several socialordførere.

Coronakrisen means that aid organisations as the Red Cross, danchurchaid and Church Members have lost revenue because of the closed thrift stores and cancelled landsindsamlinger.

And at the same time, many organizations have been new expenditure in connection with assistance to the vulnerable and socially disadvantaged people during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Therefore suggest to The People socialordfører, Rasmus Helveg, to be at least 100 million crowns to an emergency aid package for the organizations.

– We will have, that the organisations should be able to do their best under the coronakrisen, and therefore there must be a place where they can get refunded for their corona-related expenses, he says.

– at the same time, we will have, that they can come under the stimulus packages, which are made for business, and take advantage of them.

in addition to nødpakkerne for business announced the government last week, a nødpulje for small associations engaged in voluntary work for the weak groups in society. But it is far from enough, consider The Radical.

The analysis divides the Left and the Conservatives, which in a joint press release calling on the government to create a stimulus program targeted at the larger relief organizations.

– We need to keep the hand under the civil society social organisations, says a Conservative socialordfører, Brigitte Klintskov Jerkel in the press release.

– Now the minister of social affairs on the pitch to help the organizations, otherwise get the large unbearable consequences, and it is the most vulnerable citizens are losing.

the Liberal party socialordfører, Anni Matthiesen, support The People’s bid for a bailout of 100 million dollars.

– But this is not what stand us apart. I just think that it is important to send a signal to the minister that the nødpuljer, as she has found money to, delete, do not delete the rows.