German car manufacturers are facing more and more competition, most recently from China. But when it comes to used cars, car buyers still swear by German brands. At the front is a VW.

The VW Tiguan is not only at the top when it comes to new car sales and is regularly number 1 on the approval list for the off-road vehicle segment. The Wolfsburg SUV is also a hit with used cars. This is shown by a current ranking by, for which purchase inquiries were analyzed.

In the registration statistics of the Federal Motor Transport Authority, SUVs can be found twice – once in the SUV category and once in the off-road vehicle category, which also includes the Tiguan. Even if the car is not only available with all-wheel drive, it is the most popular used Kraxler.

The advantage of the car, which has been rolling off the assembly line since 2007 and is currently in the second generation, is its versatility, from the good family carriage (including the new XXL version) to the souped-up sports version R, with a variety of engines from the economical diesel to the high-performance petrol engine or plug-in hybrid.

Luckily for buyers, not only is the demand for the car great, but so is the supply. “Despite its popularity, the Tiguan with an average price of 32,098 euros in December is even below the average SUV price of 2022. The price increase within one year is also rather moderate with an increase of 5 percent compared to December 2021,” says Autoscout24 .

Incidentally, the five most popular used SUVs exclusively include models from domestic brands. Here are the top 5 in the SUV ranking, measured by purchase inquiries at

Second place also goes to the VW Group with the Audi Q5, closely followed by the BMW X5. “A current average price of 44,682 euros for the Q5 means an increase of 11 percent compared to the previous year. With a whopping price increase of 26 percent, the X5 has increased in value by a quarter within just one year,” according to the Autoscout analysts. On the other hand, there was a very slight minus in price for the SUVs X3 and X1.

The hit list shows that when it comes to used SUVs, classic drives with petrol engines and, the larger the SUV, especially diesel engines, are in demand. Electric alternatives or hybrid versions are either still rare in these segments or very expensive. It will probably be a while before the currently rapidly growing number of electric Kraxlers has “eaten their way” into the used car market and the battery-powered vehicles become affordable.

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