In the current issue of his “ZDF Magazin Royale”, the satirist Jan Böhmermann pointed out a gap in German cyber security. The focus of his criticism: Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). He will now be replaced, as reported by the AFP, citing government circles.

A joint press conference with Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) and Arne Schönbohm was actually supposed to take place on Thursday, but it was cancelled. According to a report by “Bild”, Faeser was already planning to replace Schönbohm as soon as possible.

The background is that satirist Jan Böhmermann pointed out a gap in German cyber security in his program “ZDF Magazin Royale” and contacts from the “Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland e. V.” disclosed to the Russian secret service.

Apparently, Schöhnbohm is said to have forbidden his employees to take part in club events, but he himself attended such appointments and even gave speeches, reports “Bild”. Photos on social networks would prove that, they say.

“Cyber ​​security in Germany is in danger – by the head of cyber security in Germany,” said Böhmermann. The focus is on an association called “CyberSicherheitsrat Deutschland e.V.” and a software company called Protelion.

The German Cyber ​​Security Council e.V. was founded by Schönbohm in 2012. The members: Protelion plus many other large companies such as Eon, Commerzbank, Bayer, EnBW, Continental and Deutsche Vermögensberatung, but also the Federal Ministry of Health and the police union.

But behind Protelion is actually the Russian cyber company Infotecs – which works together with the Russian secret services. “Russian agents use Infotecs, which sells security software to German companies in Germany under the name Protelion GmbH,” Böhmermann explained on his show.

And lederte further: “Protelion is currently sitting in the Cybersecurity Council Germany e. V., butt cheek to butt cheek next to the important representatives of our critical infrastructure. Protelion alias Infotecs alias the buddies from the Russian intelligence service hang out with a lot of important players from business and politics in Germany”.

The BSI rejects the allegations at the request of “ZDF Magazin Royale”. There was no contact with Russian secret services. The current club chairman, Wilhelm Dünn, had already confirmed contacts to Russia in an interview in 2019: “That’s why it’s so important to keep this communication with all relevant players. And of course also to Russia, to China and to other countries.”

Bundeswehr General Carsten Breuer has meanwhile warned of increasing attacks on the infrastructure in Germany. “Every substation, every power plant, every pipeline can be attacked, can be a possible target,” the commander of the Bundeswehr’s Territorial Command told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

“Here in command, we are primarily prepared for hybrid threats. That’s the state of things between not quite peace anymore, but not really war either.” The background is the Russian attack on Ukraine and the new security situation in Europe defense of the alliance. It has become clear to the whole country: War in Europe is possible again.”

Attacks and influence from abroad could increase. “This is not about an enemy army with soldiers and tanks attacking our country,” emphasized Breuer. “But there is influence, with attacks on infrastructure and cyber attacks, or, for example, reconnaissance flights with drones over barracks. In other words, pinpricks in the population, which should stir up uncertainty among us and shake confidence in our state. ”The security authorities would have to adapt to this threat, Breuer told the newspaper.

“Hysteria is a bad advisor,” the Bundeswehr general pointed out. However, every citizen should be aware “that he should change his individual behavior” – this includes, for example, the mental attitude or even the purchase of a flashlight and a radio enough batteries for the home, i.e. independent of the power supply from the socket.

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