a week without football – and it will be far from the last, on the contrary. The DFL has decided on Tuesday to your telephone conference, the Associations propose the forced break due to the Corona Virus up to at least 30. To extend April.

The approval of the General Assembly of the 36 First and second division in the next week, form is thing, because of the current nationwide valid contact no football lock anyway under conditions of competition, could be played. Rather, the League has recommended to the clubs, to renounce in the next few weeks to team training – for reasons of competitive equality, but also because of the public perception in times of public Shutdowns.

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Many experts have noted in recent days, in addition to the fact that to not think of something like sports entertainment for the foreseeable future to be. “On things that are nice, but not relevant to the system, you long,” said about the omnipresent Professor Christian Drosten, head of Virology at the Charite.

Corona in football: tens of thousands of jobs threatened

His colleague Professor Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit expects, at the earliest, next year with the resumption of the game is running, as from a point of view also in mind to play a lot to a lot of people would meet to look to the common football and infect each other. “Fun events coming up at the end”, said the head of the Bernard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine.

in order for it To make the medical professionals, however simply because fun is already for a long time. Alone, the two German professional leagues employ approximately 56,000 people, with the addition of thousands of additional jobs in the environment, such as in the case of Security companies, or Caterers. For the whole of the football industry, DFB-President Fritz Keller talks to employees of approximately 250,000 full-time.

Therefore, the termination of the championship to missing the nine game days, so existentially – less for the millionaires in short pants rather than the normal employees and the Bankruptcy-threatened Clubs. Without an audience of about 140 million euros, missing on revenue, but at least around 600 million euros through TV would flow by playing games behind closed doors-money and sponsors. Otherwise, as DFB Vice-President Rainer Koch, is at risk “the viability of the entire professional football”. “Economical death”: For the Survival of the clubs there are probably only a solution to PCP “Economical death”: For the Survival of the clubs there are probably only a solution

for this reason, the voices, the notes in addition to the economic importance of the value of the entertainment product football for the increasingly bored and frustrated Fans in the process.

“Nobody knows, for how long no-Contact orders to possible curfews will exist. I share the opinion of experts that a company will not be able to cope with these measures, perhaps months. Even more important, it seems to me, therefore, that millions of sport lovers, the joy remains, even if it is only the Live experience in front of the screen,” wrote Eintracht Frankfurt Chairman of the Supervisory Board Wolfgang Steubing in a guest post for the “kicker”.

And the former DFL Boss Heribert bruchhagen said: “I believe that mind games are approved, you because, a can be of many small first steps back into a normal world.”

DFL-target: spirit games at the latest in mid-may

Behind-the-Scenes people at the DFB, the DFL and the Clubs is confident that it will come after Easter to relaxations in everyday life and also in politics, well-networked professional football good prospects for a resumption of the game operation.

at the Latest in mid-may, it is time to start again, and then in time to the 30. June to play the season finished. The time but to just be for the outstanding 82 Bundesliga games, it could be the title plays in a stripped-down tournament format. AP Dortmund’s Erling Haaland (R) in a duel with Frankfurt’s Martin Hinteregger

the goal is, however, the football lots of time with a Surplus to compensate for. “We could play in recovery every two to three days and the season in one and a half months to get through. Since the load would also be the same for all. I made the proposal that we set every night of the games. That would be from Monday to Sunday Prime Time, that would be lucrative for the providers,” said Frankfurt’s sporting Director Fredi Bobic this week to SPOX and Goal.

All these mind games, however, have the shortcoming that they are made without the Corona Virus. Only a significant improvement on the current crisis situation, a return on the turf is at all possible – and even then, the crucial question is how you should be without protection against re-infections of professionals to protect remains by then all the plans would be obsolete.

a Fully defensive preparation, and the Rest return round?

hope, therefore, to appear in the already intensively-discussed scenario that Dr. cook spoke last Sunday in the Sport1-Doppelpass for the first time: “it could Potentially be a solution to keep the circle of people permanently in an isolated environment. We can leave the world of professional football, only in a healthy environment.”

Specifically, the model could look like this: According to the current ban on contact with the Bundesliga club with around 25 players, as well as an extremely reduced Staff after Easter, under permanent medical control about a closed-off Hotel, a sports school or an Association boarding school, the Rest return round prepare. imago images/ULMER press picture Agency, Robert Lewandowski (l.) and Leon Goretzka of FC Bayern

From the middle of may would be brought to these Teams and then by Bus directly to some of the few stadiums in which the maximum reduced number of additional present to the mind games and on TV would transfer. The conditions were the same for everyone, the risk of Contamination at least as low as possible.

“quarantine-League” as a glimmer of hope

the disadvantage would be sure the week-long contact of the Parties lock to your own family and friends, however, such quartering is comparable with the conditions of a national team at a world Cup or European championship finals or, slightly shorter, in the pre-season.

“Basically, it is a way that soccer teams in the summer and winter break to go to the training camp and sometimes there for ten, twelve days on the road. The players are so accustomed to be quite at it, and before it starts again, you need to import the teams again anyway,” said Robert Schaefer, a former Chairman of the Board of Fortuna Düsseldorf, in the “kicker”. “The question is whether it is considered by the authorities as appropriate.”

it is Not the only open question, but at least the model of a kind of quarantine-League in these times is a glimmer of hope for millions of Fans.

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