Putin urged not to shut down factories across the country,

Quarantine measures and special precautions to take place before the end of April. “This is necessary in order to keep the spread of coronavirus infection. So say the experts, we certainly listen and we will listen to their opinion”, – said the head of state, stressing that the main priority is the life and health of citizens.

According to the decree of the President, ministries, departments, enterprises should provide activity of the country, continue to work, and Vladimir Putin expressed hope that the rule of law and security of the country will continue securely anchored.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS the Cabinet approved the rules of conduct in the mode of increased readiness or emergency situations

a Special responsibility lies on the heads of the regions who have been given additional powers by the decree of the President. The head of state addressed the participants of the meeting and asked to convey to all employees, including in regions that governors need to provide every possible support – it is necessary to direct all of the administrative and information resources. “It is very important to ensure interaction between all levels of government: municipal, regional and Federal as well,” he said.

“it is Clear that to limit economic activity, to close enterprises, institutions, uniformly, under one comb to brush all throughout the country – is inappropriate,” he said. Putin has already had talks with some governors, to find out the situation. So, in the Altai Republic there is no case of infection coronavirus infection. “The question is: what there is, a Directive from Moscow to close all institutions and enterprises? Such situations a lot of the country,” he said. Many small settlements, towns, urban tiPA, just villages and towns, small towns, and everywhere is different. “The economy is already in a difficult position. So any General policy directives that undermine economic activity, should not be given”, – said the head of state.

“I am sure that We went absolutely on the right path. But we need to help and the Federal authorities and regional authorities, and municipal, especially in the establishment of this interaction between them”, – Putin said, calling the interaction between different levels of governance today one of the key tasks. Then the meeting continued behind closed doors.