Putin instructed to pay 3 thousand rubles for each child in the family of the unemployed

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

Families with children in which both parents are unemployed, in the next three months will be charged a three thousand rubles monthly for each child, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with regional governors on the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection.

According to the President, such families need special support measures.

“In this case, in addition to unemployment benefits and payments that we are due to families with children, also offer for the next three months in addition to pay another 3 thousand rubles per month for each minor child,” said the Russian leader.

To the National PTA, said earlier that sent an appeal to Prime Minister Mikhail mishustina, which refers to material support to families in difficult situation during the isolation.

the Chairman of the RNC Irina Volynets noted that the Committee has offered to pay compensation, if adults have lost their jobs or faced a delay in wages. Specify families need to receive benefits when their income was below the subsistence level, according to the organization.

Earlier, Putin ordered to start making payments to poor families with children from three to seven years in the amount of half of the subsistence level from April 1, 2020.

Payments are based on families with incomes less than the subsistence minimum. To obtain them the family is enough to submit an application in electronic form. If in a poor family some children of this age, the benefit will be paid for each. Previously appointed regional payments will continue.

the President Also ordered to increase to 31 December inclusive the maximum size of unemployment benefits to one minimum wage.

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